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Kiryas Joel Proposes New Pipeline Route

Letter from Kiryas Joel Administrator to the Towns of Cornwall and New Windsor
Regarding Proposed Alternate Route for Pipeline to Catskills Aqueduct

May 30. 2018

Hon. Richard Randazzo, Supervisor
Town of Cornwall
183 Main Street
Cornwall, NY 12518

RE: Village of Kiryas Joel Catskill Aqueduct Connection Project Phase II

Dear Mr. Randazzo:

We have been contacted by the Town of New Windsor with a request to reconsider the route of the Kiryas Joel water pipeline in the Vails Gate vicinity. The current alignment as designed and adopted by the Village would have the water pipeline installed in State Route 32 continuing north to State Route 94 after crossing the Five Corner Vails Gate intersection. The Town of New Windsor wishes to avoid the pipelines construction in this busy Five Corner intersection, thereby reducing the inconvenience to motorists along State Route 32 and mitigating impacts to businesses and residences in this area. Please see attached letter from New Windsor dated September 20, 2017.

We are therefore writing to seek the Town’s support for an adjustment to the route for the Village’s planned water main. As you know, the main is already in service between the Village and its Mountainville Pump Station located on Route 32. This second phase would complete the main between Mountainville and New York City DEP’s Catskill Aqueduct on Riley Road.

In furtherance of the Town of New Windsor’s request, the Village evaluated options to avoid the intersection and has identified the alternative route proposed by New Windsor as a viable option. This alternate route would divert the water main from Route 32 onto Halloran Road prior to the “Five Corners” and proceed west to the point where in abuts the New York State Thruway. The Thruway crossing would be accomplished through a trenchless (tunnel) technique and then run northerly along Palomino Place to its intersection with Route 94. From there, the main would follow the original route westerly along Route 94 then northerly along Riley Road to the filtration plant.

We realize that this alternative route will place the Kiryas Joel Water pipeline in roads owned by the Town of Cornwall, therefore we cannot consider this proposed route as a valid alternative unless it has received Cornwall’s pre-approval.

Again, the Village is considering this alternative route in an effort to remain a good neighbor. Should the Town of Cornwall provide conceptual approval, we will consider modifying our current route as described above. Alternatively we will proceed with the current design via the Five Corner intersection.

We look forward to a response one way or the other. We would be happy to meet with you and your staff to discuss this in greater detail at your convenience. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting.

Very truly yours,
Gedalye Szegedin
Village Administrator

cc: Town of New Windsor
County DOH
County Planning

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