The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead



From the City of Newburgh where hundreds gathered on Broadway, to the Village of Washingtonville where 95-year-old WW II Veteran John Hastings of Washingtonville stood to salute the flag he loves, to the Town of Newburgh where names of the fallen were read and honored, Memorial Day in Orange County was honored by thousands. Flags were placed at many area cemeteries and lined village and city streets while the older generations taught the young to revere the cost of freedom as measured by lives lost on our behalf.   (Dozens more photos in this week’s issue of the Orange County Post.


Broadway in Newburgh on Memorial Day, James Kulisek in the Town of Newburgh Reading names of the fallen (L) and WW Veteran John Hastings of Washingtonville saluting the flag he loves (R).

Memorial monument dedication 2     Cornwall Storm King Engine Co.

Monument to our Fallen Soldiers in Washingtonville (L), Washingtonville’s Veterans Common holds three monuments, dedicated to lives lost in World War I, World War II, Vietnam and Korea. A fourth monument is planned alongside them and will honor lives lost in the Middle East. Adjacent to the new park space being developed along the Moodna Creek, they will be a constant reminder of the costs of war.

Storm King Engine Company in Cornwall (R).

W'ville Memorial Bagpipers

Washingtonville Bagpipers

Town of Newburgh US Air Force McCormick

Soldiers March in the Town of Newburgh Memorial Day Parade

(Photos by Bob McCormick, Jesse King, Eugenia Moskowitz)



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