The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

Earned, Not Given

Earned, Not Given
By Eugenia Moskowitz

Pushing their personal limits, using teamwork when needed, and charging (or stumbling) through the finish line, people from Washingtonville and surrounding areas took part in the Spartan Run held on June 2 and 3 at the old Tuxedo ski park where the Renaissance Fair is held.

Races included the kids’ 1-mile, kids’ 2-mile, teens on the adult course, and adults’ races of varying (and sometimes epic) lengths or durations. While not particularly muddy this time, the weekend was hot, sunny, and humid, and runners came through covered in dirt and grit from the steep rocky course and the obstacles they conquered to get to the finish. Congratulations to all. Aroo!

Photos:   Up the Net, Jumping Over Fire,  Through the Dirt, Teen Finishers and  2nd and 6th Graders After the Race

spartan 4 (1)

spartan 5 (1)
The next area Spartan Run will take place at the end of August at West Point. To learn more, or to register, go to

spartan 6 (1)


spartan 1 (1)

(Photos provided)



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