The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead


Illuminated Lights Up The City of Newburgh

By Edie Johnson
From the Riverfront bands that played through the evening, ballet and modern dance happenings on the Ritz Performing Arts Stage, to over 150 street vendors, a fashion show, and a bus tour to notable architecture sites, it was a celebration that showed the reason for the honor just bestowed by the Orange County Citizens Foundation as the event designated the Number One Placemaking Event in Orange County.


(Photo by Brian Wolfe)

About 20,000 revelers had picnics on the grass, along the waterfront, or lounged in comfy blowup furniture in the Ritz Theatre Park while they watched events on the stage and cheered Melanie Collins of Blacc Vanilla Cafe when she was given the first ever Mayor Judy Kennedy Illuminated Award for her many charitable activities. Streets were packed with people from near and far, connecting and reconnecting, and the event clearly did well both for Newburgh businesses, and to lift the spirits of some people still recovering from a damaging tornado just weeks ago. The day was emblematic of Newburgh’s drive for successful Unity, and YES, there was dancing in the streets, lots of it!

Kevindaryan and Melanie and who

(More photos in this week’s Orange County Post)


Paul Ernenwein,  Chairman of the Festival, wearing his love for Newburgh. (Photo by Brian Wolfe)

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