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Blooming Grove & Cornwall Conservation Guidance Maps Unveiled

Blooming Grove/Cornwall Conservation Guidance Maps Unveiled for Use in Natural Heritage Project

Johanna Resources Maps (2)JOHANNA MAP Forest (3)

The Towns of Blooming Grove and Cornwall have spent much time and effort over the past year, with the help of the Land Trust, Hudson River Estuary Program/Cornell University, Orange County Water Authority and Orange County Land Trust as well as contributing citizens, in compiling a comprehensive Natural Resources Inventory. The resources of the two towns are displayed in twenty-three large scale maps

The maps provide an inventory critical to evaluating existing resources and using that knowledge to develop comprehensive plans that will highlight areas that need protection, and those that can be further developed. Blooming Grove will build on this effort with a future joint project, the Cornwall Blooming Grove Natural Heritage Project, in partnership with. All partners are looking forward to this next phase. Those assisting in the process have emphasized the importance of making future recommendations that will stand because they are based on good scientific data.

In 2016 a contract between Hudson River Estuary Program/Cornell University and Orange County Water Authority provided funds for this NRI stage. A second presentation of the maps will be made to area residents next week, on Wednesday, June 20, 7:30 PM at the Recreation Center, located at 6 Depo Street in Washingtonville (by May’s Field). Insights and ideas from the public are welcome.

Ten of the twenty-three maps and the corresponding narrative are now on display at the Town of Blooming Grove Recreation Center at 6 Depot Street in Washingtonville. These maps and documents will be available for viewing Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM on Saturday, June 16, and Saturday, June 23, 1 PM to 3 PM and in print and at Moffat Library in late Fall of 2018.

The Conservancy Advisory Commission (CAC) of the Town of Blooming Grove thanks the Hudson River Estuary Program/Cornell University, Orange County Water Authority and Orange County Land Trust and the DEC. Town of Blooming Grove CAC volunteers wrote the accompanying text.


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