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Senior NECSD Excelsior Academy Celebrates Inaugural Class

Senior NECSD Excelsior Academy Celebrates Inaugural Class

Check back for graduation ceremony and photos in the coming week!

On Thursday evening, NECSD held a celebration of the inaugural class of the Newburgh Free Academy PTECH Excelsior Academy program at Anthony’s Pier 9 in New Windsor.
The program began at Newburgh Free Academy, North Campus during the 2015 school year. Each year, 50 students are accepted into a cohort. Of the 48 remaining students from the inaugural cohort, 17 students (35%) will be completing the full program (high school diploma plus associates degree) in four years, instead of the full six. Many other students are expected to stay to complete the degree in five or six years. Of the 17 graduates, 15 plan to continue their education in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree while two others are seeking employment with IBM.

All senior cohort students attended the celebration. They celebrated the high school graduation of the Legacy cohort in a program that included dinner, speeches, awards, gifts and recognition. Each student was also invited to bring 2 family members. School staff and administration from Excelsior/NECSD, SUNY Orange Staff/Admin, IBM execs, IBM mentors and IBM intern supervisors were on hand to celebrate.

Scholars enrolled in NFA’s PTECH Excelsior Academy were selected via a lottery. Each had to apply; however, final selections were random. The demographics of the inaugural class are: 56% Male, 44% Female; 36% Black, 49% Latino/Hispanic; 12% White, 0% Other.
The 17 students from the inaugural class of Newburgh Free Academy’s, PTECH Excelsior Academy double graduates are:

Babatunde Anjorin, Taina Caballero, Zackery Conklin, Jose Cuacuas, Kayla DeLeon, Gabriella Estrada, Alejandro Juarez, Azariah McLymore, AboyaOmot, AlexciaProeve, Maribel Ramos, Suriana Rodriguez, Ignacio Salim, BrendinSkakel, Jason Solis, Carolina Vega and Joshua Woolward.


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