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Washingtonville Village News Update

Washingtonville Village News Update
By Eugenia Moskowitz

Some quick updates for what is going on in the village of Washingtonville. The new dog park and other improvements to Vern Allen Park are currently being laid out on paper by Mayor Joe Bucco. Monies from the Assemblyman James Skoufis grant are being used for these improvements, including fountains in both ponds on Ahern Blvd. which, by their motion of the water, will keep away mosquitoes as well as add a little beauty to the otherwise still ponds.

The new stop signs on Ballard Pond Drive, currently covered in black plastic, will be unveiled shortly. They were being kept covered due to state paperwork which is slowly making its way in Albany and is out of village control. The plastic should be removed this week.

Work on the Sewell Community Park should begin mid-July and follow the design printed on the poster located there. More dirt will be added as well as gravel paths and other improvements to turn the space into a passive park appropriate for its location right across from the middle school, and as per flood zone guidelines of what can and cannot be placed there. The plants donated by Trees for Tribs last fall survived the harsh winter and are thriving, and more planting will be done in the late summer. If all goes according to schedule, the park should be able to be used by Labor Day. Inquiries can be made by contacting Mayor Bucco directly at Village Hall.

The Washingtonville Events Committee has separated from Placemaking, due to natural growth. From now on, those wishing to get involved in the very successful array of social events in the village such as the huge fall family festival Witchingtonville, the summer concert and movie series Date Night (July 13 & 27 and August 10 & 24 at Vern Allen Park), the North Pole holiday festivities which grew around the Christmas Firetruck Parade (started by Rick Lewis eight years ago), and the gigantic Easter Bonnet Parade & Egg Hunt in the springtime, please contact those events’ committee members directly. There is a great event for each season and all are very solid and well-thought out celebrations which are fun to be involved in.

The Farmers & Artisans Market of Washingtonville has also split from Placemaking and is now independent; to get involved with it, please contact The market and live music runs Sundays from 10am to 2pm in the parking lot across from Betty’s, and will go through October.

While Placemaking has acted as a springboard for many new improvements in the village over the last two years, as events have grown, more independent decision-making from event organizers was desired. Those wishing to be involved with Placemaking’s future plans can contact Placemaking directly or attend one of their monthly meetings in the high school cafeteria.

CAPTION 1: The corner of Route 208 and Main Street is currently undergoing renovation and expansion by its owner. Expect new shops with apartments above. In addition, the Chase Bank drive-thru location on East Main Street is being rebuilt to house the entire bank with a brand-new building. (Photo by Eugenia Moskowitz)

CAPTION 2: The space at 2 South Street (next door to Nailed It! Hardware) is now The Art Cottage, which is relocating to Washingtonville from Campbell Hall. Expect an opening this summer. (Photo by Eugenia Moskowitz)

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