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Annual Lap4Life Event in Town of Newburgh Brought out the Community

Lap for life Nelly Bombs (1)Annual Lap4Life Event in Town of Newburgh Brought out the Community

The annual Lap4Life Run / Walk was held June 16th, 2018 at Chadwick Lake Park in the Town of Newburgh. The event was a huge success, with over1500 people enjoying the day. There were over 1150 participants. Events included a 4 mile Run, a 4 mile Walk, and a Kid’s Fun Run.
The overall run winner was Newburgh’s own Grant Boyd who ran the course in 22 minutes and 37 seconds. The top female finisher was Betsy Eickelberg from Leonia with a gun time of 24 minutes and 34 seconds. Full results for each age group and team category can be found on a link on the Lap4Life website.

Prior to the race, the NFA Madrigals kicked off the race by singing our National Anthem. Then Newburgh Town Supervisor Gil Piquadio welcomed everyone to the park. Maddalena Casablanca-Reade then paid a short tribute to Angelo Casabianca.

Lap for Life Organizzer Maddalena and Family at finish line (1)

His birthday coincides with the Lap4Life event that is held in his memory each year. The event raises money and awareness for Desmoid Tumor research; and LiveOnNY formerly known as the New York Organ Donation Network.

There was not a dry eye in the park when the opening ceremony honoring, “The Parents” began. The “Parents” who lived through the unthinkable tragedy of losing a child. Each mother one by one addressed the crowd telling their child’s name and age when they left us. They held a picture of their child which had the dates of their birth and passing along with the Mantra of the Lap4life Foundation, “You Will Never be Left Behind”. After 15 parents spoke, the NFA Madrigals sang a moving rendition of Rob Thomas’s “Little Wonders”. Maddalena then thanked the crowd for sharing 10 Years of “These Small Hours” with Lap4life. The Parent’s then released butterflies honoring the children that left us too soon. Motivational signs and pictures of loved ones lost to soon were placed throughout the four mile course.

Lap for life Nelly Bombs (1)


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