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Double Double This That!

Double Double This That!
Washingtonville Takes Two District 19 Championships

By Eugenia Moskowitz

Washingtonville Little League took home the District 19 Championship in two divisions last weekend, Minors baseball and Senior softball.

The Minors team came back fighting after a devastating loss just the day before which clearly only made them stronger. Coach Mike Dempsey said, “We were tested the day before, but like they say, there’s a lot of life lessons in sports. The 10U boys of Washingtonville learned a lesson in resiliency and bounced back from their first loss of the tournament to beat Pine Bush 18-8 and capture the District 19 flag.”

The Washingtonville Little League Senior Girls softball team defended and repeated their title as District 19 Champs in 2018 on July 8 on their home field. They advance to the Section 3 North Tournament next week in Haverstraw. They are: Gianna Cancelleri, Taylor Connington, Catherine Doyle, Dolly Garguilo, Emma Garguilo, Gabby Gellys, Kara Graziano, Kirstin Kavountzis, Lily Moreno, Dimitra Mouhteros, Angie Packtor, Maddy Ryle, and Kaitlin Smith.

Both banners for both teams will be carried next spring at the Washingtonville Little League opening day parade and festivities. Right now, summer ball is going on through the end of July and fall ball will start in September. Please contact Washingtonville Little League to enroll your child.

little league 2 (1) girls

CAPTION 1: District 19 Minors boys 2018 baseball champs.
CAPTION 2: District 19 Senior girls 2018 softball champs. (Photos provided)

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