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New Windsor Motel Among Area Sites Linked to Prostitution

New Windsor Motel Among A Number of Sites Linked to Prostitution

By Edie Johnson

Police in Orange County, most recently at the Windsor Motel on Route 9W North, have been discovering that area motels are a “hotbed”, so to speak, of prostitution. An actively managed prostitution ring was found there, as well as the Galaxy Motor Inn. But 9W’s motels are not the only place in the area that prostitution has prospered. The Holiday Inn in the Town of Chester reportedly has been the site of 3 arrests, and residents
complained vehemently several months ago about “Hot Stone Treatments” with a very large lighted advertising sign in front of a house just east of the Sugar Loaf intersection in town.

The FBI which is watching these clusters is attempting to require better practices at motels, such as forbidding hourly stays.

The same week, the Orange County DA’s office reported that the City of Newburgh Police Department, Orange County Drug Task Force and New York State Police – Troop F, Community Narcotics Enforcement Team, conducted a joint “Prostitution sting”, in the City of Newburgh, N.Y. Four (4) females were arrested and charged with Prostitution, a Class “B” misdemeanor and three (3) males were arrested and charged with Patronizing a Prostitute 3rd Degree, a Class “A” misdemeanor.

“Prostitution is not a ‘victimless crime’,” said Orange County District Attorney Hoovler. “It denigrates the lives of those who find themselves compelled to become prostitutes, and destroys the quality of life of those residing and working in those neighborhoods. My office will continue to seek dispositions where those who have acted as prostitutes can get the assistance they need to escape that destructive lifestyle, and will continue to punish those who patronize prostitutes.”

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