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JUSTICE for Horses of Argus Farm – Jeanne Ryan Guilty on All Charges

JUSTICE for Horses of Argus Farm – Jeane Ryan Guilty of All Charges, Remanded to Jail


Early this morning about 20 representatives of the equestrian community went to the Goshen courthouse to find out the verdict stated by Judge Robert Freehill on charges of 20 counts of horse abuse, both felonies and misdemeanors, by Jeanne Ryan, whose Argus Farm was found a horrific site last year of malnourished and dead horses. Five horses may have been starved in their stalls, while another 6 were found by the Hudson Valley Humane Society piled up in nearby woods.  Ryan, when put on the stand said she had been ill and blamed her son for the lack of care.  Meanwhile she took a trip to Ireland and was seen busy and active at local environmental protests.  Her trip to Ireland may have played a part in her being remanded directly to jail because of her being a possible flight risk.

Rocky’s Law, sponsored by Orange County Legislator Mike Anagnostakis (R) Town of Newburgh, in April of 2015 and unanimously passed the following month,  prevents felony abusers from keeping or owning animals for at least 15 years following a felony prosecution.  The law was named after a Pit Bull who was rescued after nearly freezing to death from being kept outdoors in winter, and has been used as a model law across the country.

The verdict came out loud and clear “Guilty on All Counts”.  The family was clearly shocked to hear that she was immediately being remanded to the Orange County Jail after a plea to be permitted to go home to her farm to tend to some remaining horses was flatly declined.

Justice horse  This horse was found standing in the bones of his herd.

Photo of the same pony, “Shamus”, shown above is also shown being ridden now, after many months of rehabilitation.  He will soon be ready for adoption (See FB page “Justice for the horses of Argus Farm” for details).

Horse owners in the area who have been pushing for a harsh sentence, including that she will not be permitted to keep the remaining horses on the farm, were jubilant and praised law enforcement, and particularly Chris Borek, the Assistant DA prosecuting the case along with the Hudson Valley Humane Society for following up regularly on conditions at the farm after the abuse was first discovered.

A Facebook Page called “Justice for the Horses of Argus Farm” was set up early on to keep the pressure on for a maximum sentence and to help keep people informed.

Justice car

Sentencing will be  on September 6.   Several people at the courthouse said they overheard the family saying that the bail amount was ridiculously high.

District Attorney David Hoovler will be holding  a press conference at 1pm today.
Stay tuned for updates.



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