The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead


By Eugenia Moskowitz

In every town in America, a firehouse wetdown goes into the annals as one of the best-loved family events. It’s not every day a fire company gets a brand new vehicle, so when one does, it’s a major happening.

On July 28, the Salisbury Mills Fire Department in Blooming Grove baptized its new truck with four hours of constant visits from other firehouses near and far who rolled in, hooked up, and sprayed the new vehicle — and any firefighters, residents, and children who happened to be standing around — with geysers of cool refreshing water. Sirens blare as the visitors arrive, firemen shoot jet streams of water at each other, and everyone gets soaked. Standing in the spray is like being at the base of Niagara Falls (minus the poncho), where what was once a blue-sky sunny day turns into whiteout conditions. Like a backyard squirt-gun war taken to extremes, the Salisbury Mills firefighters and the visitors blast each other with hoses until everyone is finally done, nozzles are shut, the visitors are given food, and then say goodbye. And everything settles down to normal levels of firehouse fun until the next visiting fire company announces its arrival with sirens blaring.

Children and teens from Blooming Grove loved the event almost as much as their parents, who were happy to purchase commemorative t-shirts with all proceeds going back into the firehouse to support the community and keep it safe.

The next local firehouse event will be the Mountain Lodge Fire Company’s annual Clambake/Pig-roast on August 11 from 12:00-6:00 p.m. at Hil-Mar Lodge. Tickets can be purchased by contacting Tom at 845-313-6174 or Rob at 845-662-7106.


Wetdown Photo by Rich Calore Jr.

Firehouse wetdown 4 (1) Insert

CAPTION 1 flag and ladder: (Photo by Erin Smith)
CAPTION 2 Salisbury Mills FD baptized its new truck and cooled off local children, as well as themselves (Photo by Rich Calore Jr.
CAPTION 3 aerial tent: (Photo by Thomas Godoy)

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