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Vaughan Appears in Washingtonville Court

Vaughan Appears in Washingtonville Court
By Eugenia Moskowitz

Brendan Vaughan, with his lawyer Michael Burke and his father John Vaughan, appeared before Washingtonville court judge Stephen Smith on Aug. 8 at 5:10 p.m. and pled “not guilty” to a felony count of making a terroristic threat aimed at Washingtonville High School, and four students there in particular, last June.
Alarmed students who saw the Snapchats Vaughan sent out about shooting people in the high school alerted school authorities and the Washingtonville police who, along with New York State police and the FBI, arrested Vaughan on June 4 after searching both the school and Vaughan’s house. Vaughan was released on a $75,000 bond. Sources say he had been put on suicide watch directly after the incident and that he briefly entered a psychiatric hospital for evaluation after the incident under advice from his lawyer, likely in preparation for mounting a psychiatric defense.
Burke waived the right for Vaughan to a speedy trial within a six-month time frame, and Vaughan is now due back in court on Oct. 10.
CAPTION: Brendan Vaughan leaves Washingtonville court on Aug. 8 with his father. (Photo by Eugenia Moskowitz)


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