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BREAKING: UPDATE; SAFE LANDING! Flight With Blown Tires Diverted to Stewart, Emergency Vehicles Lined Up

Gulfstream Jet Makes Safe Landing At Stewart After Blowing Tires at Teterboro

Nice to have some good news.  Apparently the plane diverted from Teterboro has made a safe landing after burning off some of its fuel.  It was brought behind one of the buildings for inspection.  No injuries are reported at this time.  Rapper Post Malone and his group were onboard, originally headed for a concert in London.  Some of his fans apparently went to the airport when they heard he was expected to land there.  The rapper had been in New York City for the MTV Video Music Awards at New York’s Radio City Music Hall where he won first place for his song “Rockstar” and performed with Aerosmith.

New York International Stewart had been upgraded fairly recently to provide a longer landing strip in case of just such an emergency.

Thanks to Bob McCormick for the updates and photos!Plane landed


in flight emergency

A plane is right now being diverted to New York Stewart International Airport from Teterboro.   Its tires blew out when taking off.

Traffic around the airport has been cleared, and emergency vehicles are lined up waiting to assist if there is trouble landing.

Stay tuned for updates…..landing is expected at any time, hopefully a safe one.

All’s well that ends well….except for the lingering question “What on earth made the tires blow out?”

(Photos by Bob McCormick)

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