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James Skoufis response to Tom Basile’s Proposal for Lake Anne as Protected Parkland


James Skoufis response to Tom Basile’s proposal for Lake Anne as protected Parkland
“While I’m thrilled to see Tom Basile supports legislation that I authored which would put state parkland in Blooming Grove on the local tax rolls – a bill that the Assembly passed but was blocked in the State Senate – his ‘proposal’ is a transparent attempt to score cheap political points as he rolls around in a gas-guzzling RV.

“As Mr. Basile tries to learn the ropes in Orange County, I’ve spoken to the Open Space Institute, the Orange County Land Trust, and other conservancy groups who would be the local partner for the state in a transaction like the one Mr. Basile is proposing. Furthermore, the state is only legally allowed to purchase land at a fairly-appraised value, something the current property owners have given no indication they’re willing to entertain.

“So, while Mr. Basile continues to throw press releases against a wall to see what sticks, I’ll continue working with Preserve Blooming Grove on ways to protect the integrity of the community and support South Blooming Grove’s successful efforts to prohibit the reckless development of Lake Anne.”

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