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Ten Years of Good Planning Made for A Safe Landing
By Edie Johnson

New Windsor – Orange County residents, and indeed some well-wishers all across the United States held their breath this Tuesday afternoon as they waited for a plane carrying Rapper Post Malone and 15 others to arrive at New York Stewart International Airport on a Gulfstream IV Jet with “blown tires”. The tires had apparently blown on takeoff at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. The celeb and his entourage had planned to fly to a concert in London after winning a first place for his song “Rockstar”, performed with Aerosmith at the MTV Video Music Awards at New York’s Radio City Music Hall
What is remarkable about the safety of the landing, which ultimately happened about as soft as a goose landing on down, was the years of preparation that led up to it. First there was the pressure from Orange County Government over the past 8-10 years to improve the long-distance landing capacity for JUST such an emergency. The landing strip for emergencies is now 12,000 ft, long enough for a space shuttle to land. Then there was the development of better communication between regional airports. Next there was the years of training of area emergency personnel, and the equipment to deal with a landing if it went sour. This time they were lucky, and well-prepared. The plane circled for as long as was safe in order to burn off any excess fuel, if the landing should happen to go bad. Meanwhile police cleared traffic from many of the roads in the area and emergency vehicles lined up from New Windsor, Cornwall, and Newburgh. With the popular rapper onboard, word however got out, and a crowd formed to pray for a safe ending. And that it was. A soft and slow landing, with no one injured, and lots of cheers by the growing group of observers.

Orange County could not have wished for better and more timely publicity, albeit unintended, for their newly christened metro-hub airport, recently renamed with “New York” in its title so that anyone who did a google search for a New York airport with top flight services and out of the hustle and bustle of the City could get there in a hurry.
(Photos by Bob McCormick)

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