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Fulton Square, A Cornerstone of Washingtonville

Fulton Square, A Cornerstone of Washingtonville

A story we carried several weeks ago mistakenly stated that Fulton Square /Alexander Development was going under new ownership. We were notified by owner Robyn Scopteuolo that she and father Matt are still the owners, they feel their complex is a valued part of Washingtonville and they have no plan to sell it any time in the near future. The Square currently houses Hennessey Liquors, the Washingtonville Pharmacy, as well as Blooming Grove Recreation activities and other meetings, and has held the Mountain Lodge Ladies Auxiliary Flea Market Sales. The stone faced building is beautiful, fitting in with many of the other village buildings, and activities there have been highly praised by villagers.
Robyn added that as a lifelong resident of Blooming Grove she hopes to continue offering these and even more important services for a very long time. While there are several empty units in the building which they hope to be occupied soon, and feel are being offered at very fair market price, their business is thriving. Robyn can be reached anytime at 845-541-0450.
The Orange County Post regrets the error, which occurred when one of the many other properties used for town recreation was noted to have been sold.

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