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New Windsor Police Chief Hovey Steps Into Retirement

Applause, Salutes and A Thumbs Up from New Windsor Police Chief Hovey
At End of a Long Career

New Windsor Police Chief Rich Hovey performed his final “walk-out” to a large crowd of friends and officials, and to his fellow department members’ salutes. Hovey’s family watched the moments marking the end of a long career that began as a dispatcher and continued as he rose in the ranks from Dispatcher to Detective to Lieutenant and later Chief. He grew up and spent his formative years right in the Town of New Windsor and knew it well by the time he became a big part of the responsibility held for maintaining its safety. Hovey quickly brushed a tear away as he said final “goodbyes”, and especially to New Windsor Supervisor George Green who said he has known him since he was about 7 years old. Hovey’s wife, daughters and other family members were there to encourage the steps to retirement which rumors have it include some time at a vacation house up north. When his friends were asked what his hobbies or pastimes were, they said “I think he may fish and hunt a little, but mostly it’s been work, work, work. He has surely been on an exciting, challenging, and often dangerous journey during his more than 35 years of service. (Photos by Edie Johnson and Bob McCormick

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