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Robert Doss Sworn In on Wednesday As New Windsor Chief of Police

Robert Doss Sworn In on Wednesday As New Windsor Chief of Police
By Edie Johnson

New Windsor’s new Chief of Police, Rob Doss, was chosen from the ranks of his own department to replace retiring Chief Richard Hovey, New Windsor officials say, because of his wide array of credentials and experience. He has been on the New Windsor police force for 21 years, rising in the ranks from patrolman to sergeant, to lieutenant and now chief. They added that his training certifications made him stand out. The position is competitive and is chosen from within the department according to time of service, rank, and scoring on a civil service examination. The town board then conducts interviews with the top three candidates after which the Town Supervisor and board members make the final choice. Doss has specialized training in numerous areas. Since 2003 he has worked closely with the Washingtonville Central School District & Newburgh Enlarged Central School District on school safety matters, emergency planning, and emergency drills. From 2006 to 2013 he was a Police Academy Instructor and (2010-2013) Police Academy Basic School Head Firearms Instructor as well as (2017 to present) the NYS Accreditation Manager for his department.

Doss is a lifelong New Windsor resident who (see story above) attended Little Britain Elementary School as a child, and his two children will be attending school there as well.

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