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New Windsor News – Phase I of Cemetery Work Done, Phase II Begins, Work Started on Rt. 32/Union Intersection, Friendly Visitor Program

New Windsor Phase I of Cemetery Work done, Phase II Begins
Work Started on Rt. 32/Union Intersection
Friendly Visitor Program Looking for Volunteers

New Windsor Chief of Staff, Colin Schmitt announced that the town has finished final inspection of the renovations of 400 headstones in Woodlawn cemetery. Workers have been tackling a number of issues on the sprawling grounds for over six months, including tree-trimming removal of stumps and dead trees, fencing repair and leveling of grounds around the pond. This work was done through $330,000 in grants, at no cost to taxpayers. Schmitt said that this is the end of one phase, but just the beginning of another phase that will repair sections of paving, replace flags and tackle a host of other beautification projects to emphasize the grounds that are a park as well as a cemetery.
Work Has Been Started on Intersection Repairs

New Windsor – Intersection repair began today at the juncture of Union Avenue and Route 32. Supervisor George Green received notice from the Department of Transportation with permission to plan for major repairs at the beginning of Spring. Complaints have been common about problems with this intersection for a long time.
Meanwhile there will be ongoing patching and temporary repairs.
Friendly Visitor Program to Begin

New Windsor – A program is in the development stage that will assist residents in need, much like programs in other towns called Neighbors For Neighbors. Volunteers are being south to help elderly and at risk residents with things like grocery shopping, home visits, friendly phone calls and clerical assistance. This is a way, officials said, to do some volunteer work on your own schedule and go home with a great feeling. Volunteers will include people of all ages, and can include children if they are with their parents.
To inquire either for help or to participate as a volunteer, call 845-563-4640.



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