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County’s Elite SWAT Team Shares Training With Area Towns

County’s Elite SWAT Team Shares Training With Area Towns

Orange County Sheriff’s Special Operations Group Receives Prestigious NYS SWAT Team Certification

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Group is proud to have recently received a prestigious SWAT Team Certification based on procedures established by the NYS Municipal Police Training Council. Orange County’s SOG (Special Operations Group)  certification comes at the end of a long and vigorous training program to enhance their skills in multiple categories, including sharpshooting, active shooter incidents, incidents in schools, offices and woodland areas. This Orange County team is one of only fifteen teams in New York State possessing the State Certification. Sheriff Carl DuBois said he is very proud of the Special Ops Group members for their commitment which, coupled with NYS and CALEA Accreditations, are a testament to the great team we have at the Sheriff’s Office.” The Sheriff’s Team has also collaborated the NY State Police SORT (Special Operations Response Team) and the FBI’s HRT (Hostage Response Team).

The Special Operations Group consists of SWAT Operators and Tactical Members that support the Patrol and Corrections Divisions as well as local law enforcement, by utilizing capabilities ranging from high risk warrant execution and active shooter incidents to cell extractions and crowd control. SOG personnel also provide training to other police agencies and provide risk review and training for houses of worship, schools and businesses, free of charge.

(Truth – Whether by coincidence or special capabilities, you might even call the Orange County SOG team and get Agent #007)

As is seen in the photo of team member TOK with his trophies, canine assistance has become an increasingly valuable asset in crime detection, prevention and capture of criminals in a manner that keeps officers in the line of duty a significant notch up in general safety.

SOG SWAT DOG TOK Wins Trophies

Any business, school or places of worship wishing to receive a free risk review and/or training please address those requests to Assistant Undersheriff Anthony Weed at

SWAT training at Monroe Theatre
Training Sequence @ Monroe Theatre

SWAT woodland oper
Woodland Training in Tuxedo

SWAT School Hostage Rescue

School Hostage Rescue

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