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Is Washington Lake Dam at Risk?

Is Washington Lake Dam at Risk?

Yesterday officials in Newburgh and New Windsor worked with construction crews from TAM to try to determine if, as was believed to be the case, the dam was at risk of collapse due to the increased volume in the lake since its water has not been used as a drinking source for over a year.  While determining the risk, out of an abundance of caution the Central Hudson Utilities building was evacuated, and workers set about determining whether Silver Stream could be diverted so that further risk could be avoided.

It was decided later last evening that the risk of collapse was in fact not serious.  Evaluation of the dam’s condition will continue as teams continue to evaluate the water’s pressure against the dam and Newburgh faces further disruption of their water resources next month when the Catskills Aqueduct (which is currently being used for the City’s water), will be closed for temporary repairs.

Stay tuned for updates.

(Photo by Bob McCormick)

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