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W’ville Soccer “This Game Changed Our Season”

W’ville Soccer “This Game Changed Our Season”

Wizards Soccer: “This Game Changed Our Season”
By Dan Lubrano, Wizards Boys Soccer Head Coach

We started the game with a no choice but to win mentality. Last year Warwick beat us all three games we played them, including the semi-final 1-0 heart crushing loss. – This fueled us to work harder than we have thus far this season.

Although we controlled the majority of the 1st half, it was still 0-0 at half time due to our struggle to finish scoring opportunities. We started the 2nd half strong and determined but Warwick capitalized on an opportunity after the ball slipped through our defense from the wet conditions to put them up 1-0 with 26 minutes remaining in the game.

Unhindered, we turned up the intensity of our play even more. Made several more opportunities but continued to struggle to score. Frustration and stress increased as the clock ticked down to 20 minutes, 15 minutes, then 10 minutes… Amado Kronoj then had a moment of brilliance, the ball was passed in the air to him at midfield, he then flicked the ball flawlessly to Liam McDermott making a dash up the middle towards the goal.. McDermott received the ball and dribbled with speed and placed the ball in the goal for an exhilarating equalizer, 1-1 with 9 minutes remaining.

I encouraged the boys that this is our time where we make a move to win the game… 4 minutes later Cameron Aviles controlled the ball in the midfield, then sent the ball to Sean Quinn on right side of the field. Quinn controlled, looked up across to the goal and saw McDermott open and in goal scoring position on the far side. Quinn sent the ball in the air to McDermott, McDermott brought the ball down then ripped a shot into the far side of the goal for the 2-1 tremendous come from behind game winning goal! The defense then locked in the win for us. This game changed our season.

CAPTION: (Photo provided)


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