The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

A Trail of Painted Ponies

By Edie Johnson

Last weekend saw crowds of people both inside and out of Limoncello’s Restaurant in Goshen.

The topic bringing the crowds was the 2nd annual “Trail of Painted Ponies” auction. Artists from one end of Orange County to the other fill out their paper forms and pick up their plywood trotting horses to be daubed with paint and embellished with manes and tails, some having delicate filigree cuttings, others draped in American flags, and on every topic imaginable that interests equestrians throughout the county.
After perusing the choices of finished works, often while imbibing in some of Limoncello’s specialties for an hour or more, and jotting down a bid on the desired horse, Mayor Kyle Roddey announces “The winning bids are ready”, and the winner tries to figure out how to get their beautiful approximately 3 1/2 ft. by 4 ft. pony home, hopefully not in a Cooper.

The proceeds of the auction are shared between the Arts Council and the participant artists, each getting 50%. The event itself is funded by the proceeds of last year’s auction. Any artist in Orange County is welcome to participate, but those interested should start early since entry forms are required in Spring. Forty blank trotting plywood forms are available for pick-up. And anyone hoping to create a Painted Pony worthy of “oo’s” and “Ah’s” should remember that they are displayed throughout the town during Fall and should be capable of withstanding inclement weather.

This year’s auction of approximately 15 Ponies at an average of about $100 to $250 each was a huge success, with the only disappointment being that many equestrians in the area missed the announcements and did not know about it

Pony flowers

Trail of ponies group

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