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WHS JROTC Goes Rappelling and Rafting on the Delaware River

WHS JROTC Goes Rafting on the Delaware River

On Saturday, 15 September, 60 cadets and chaperones from the Washingtonville High School Army Junior ROTC Battalion spent a day rafting and kayaking down the Delaware River. It was a ten-mile trek from Pond Eddy to Port Jervis. The cadets were divided into groups of five or six per raft. All cadets paddled while each took turns steering the raft from the rear. The JROTC cadets schedule this trip early in the school year as it is a great team-building exercise and excellent time to meet their fellow cadets.

The weather was perfect for the trip, and the water level was high which made the river flow faster than in year past.First year cadet Steven Tripodianos stated “This was my first time rafting and it was a lot of fun and an awesome experience. I hope we can do it again in the spring.” After ten miles of rafting the cadets enjoyed a well-deserved lunch break. The older cadets also showed the new cadets how to eat the Army MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat). Most enjoyed sandwiches from home but many found the MRE’s to taste much better than they had anticipated. Cadets are now looking forward to October where camping at West Point and a day at the Leadership Reactionary Course is on the menu. Also, later in the fall, the cadets will be participating in the annual orienteering competition.


See this week’s Orange County Post for more great photos of ROTC at West Point

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