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RAPP Says Danskammer Revival Is a Bad Idea


Danskammer Revival: A BAD IDEA!
Orange RAPP is hosting an open meeting at Newburgh Town Hall
on Wednesday, 10/3/18, 7:30 PM
Noted Orange County attorney, Michael Sussman, will speak on
the ‘Article 10’ approval process for the proposed plant.
Don’t miss this great opportunity to be informed—and share your
comments and questions.

The Danskammer project, if permitted, will have the most significant environmental impacts in the Towns of Newburgh and Marlborough, along with the city of Newburgh.

Orange RAPP previously opposed the construction of the Pilgrim Pipelines, planned to utilize the NYS Thruway, including two lateral pipelines that were mapped to go to the current Danskammer facility as well as Global’s operation along the Hudson waterfront.

All indicators are that the Pilgrim proposal is currently inactive and potentially abandoned. However, because the planned fuel for a new Danskammer plant is natural gas, and because the facility would operate continuously, Orange RAPP is concerned.

Under this plan, local citizens could receive a double negative: the emissions coming from the stack, along with emissions from the pipeline(s) supplying the fracked gas to the plant.

Layered over these issues is that the plant helps to keep the gas fracking companies in business by providing a market for their product. Just like the CPV plant near Middletown.

So where is Governor Cuomo on this? He has the final say in the permitting process and has previously stated that he wants to move New York State away from fossil fuels.

At a previous public meeting at the Newburgh Free Library on Saturday, 9/8/18, we heard how natural gas contributes to global warming and climate change and about the Article 10 proceeding for approving power plants.

At the upcoming October 3rd meeting we will find out more about the potential health and financial impacts on our local citizens. And, with brilliant attorney Michael Sussman’s presentation on Article 10, how we can participate in and hopefully influence whether ‘Danskammer 2’ will happen.

Newburgh resident and Orange RAPP member Ken Hall says, “It definitely behooves the citizens of our area to be aware of the pros and cons of this outdated proposed powerplant. Other more responsible power generation technology and management exists.”

RAPP member Wayne Kocher adds, “I’m very concerned for any project that’s built at sea level as, worldwide, we are seeing the flooding which already hit Danskammer.”

Orange RAPP (Residents Against Pilgrim Pipelines), a completely volunteer organization, was originally formed to oppose the Pilgrim pipelines project. The Danskammer proposal is another fossil fuel project, polluting and unneeded, but we intend to judge the project as fairly as possible. All the facts are not out yet, and we need them to know how to proceed.

Contact: Sandra Kissam, Chair, Orange RAPP
845 564-3018

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