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Blooming Grove Town Hall Suffers Heavy Rain Damage

Blooming Grove Town Hall Suffers Heavy Rain Damage
By Edie Johnson

The beautiful vaulted ceiling and skylight in the Blooming Grove Town Hall suffered damage from the recent unprecedented rainy season and sections finally gave way earlier this week. Under the canvassing the result is not pretty Mold and chunks of plaster fell to the floor and exposed some of the roofing structure, while falling debris made portions of the meeting room somewhat unsafe for public meetings.

Blooming Grove Town Hall Ceiling

Councilman Chuck Quick recommended that anyone attending the monthly board session should probably move to the opposite side of the room. The quickly erected canvassing was readjusted by Thursday’s court session, making it safe and snug.

Town Supervisor, Rob Jeroloman, announced that they had already gotten some bid estimates and are fortunate that temporary work was able to be handled in-house by the Highway Department and the Building Department. After considering whether to modify the roof with a pitch change that might or might not be necessary to prevent future problems, or the alternative to replace the skylight with a similar one that will be faced with today’s more efficient flashing and sealants, a preliminary decision was made by the board members to replace it “in kind” and get final emergency estimates on the work . The preliminary estimates ranged from $5,000 to $8,000. However, if the roof were “peeled back” to change the pitch for better drainage, there would, Jeroloman said, also be venting around the skylight that would have to be replaced and this could significantly increase the repair costs at questionable value. He added that passing the resolution will allow additional work to be done if engineers decide it is necessary. With expansion of the town hall already being considered, and a costly repair on the remainder of the roof having been made in 2012, and considering the higher quality flashing and sealants now available, an “in kind” replacement seems likely.

In other matters, a Public Hearing was held that would allow the town’s budget to exceed the 2% tax cap if any emergency should make it necessary. This was unrelated to the ceiling issue and is a procedural action needed as a yearly precaution since without the resolution any last minute increases over 2% would be illegal. No comments were made by the public.

A town van that has been replaced and has not successfully sold at $17,500 will be put back up for auction at a minimum bid of $14,000. Anyone interested should contact Town Clerk Darlena Decker-Geyer at 845-496-5223 for more information and/or to offer a bid.

Plans for Washingtonville’s “Witchingtonville” Halloween event are moving ahead, with inquiries more than double last year’s event. The town will lend water piping for a slide, and it will be returned when the event is over. A request for Chuck Quick to man the slide again this year was declined, and he said that unlike last year, he hopes that this year there is a nice big mattress for the participants to land on. Kevin Radday offered that there is an entire team that will help things run smoothly. Tom DeVinko suggested that there should be plenty of yellow vests for those helping to run the event.

The town is working with Monroe and Chester police to temporarily modify parking rules for events coming to Museum Village and for the popular yearly Chocolate Expo. Park and Ride on Route 17M will offer extra parking and the Highway Department will put burlap bags over some of the “No Parking” signs. The area will be monitored for safety during the events as well.

With the return of a highway department employee who had been ill, and a promotion for Milton Smith to Senior Auto Mechanic (salary determined by the Teamsters Union), the town finally has a fully-manned Central Garage.

October 16 will be the next Budget Workshop, and next month’s first Town Board Meeting is rescheduled to November 7 at 7:30 because of Election Day.

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