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New Windsor Dedicated Butterhill Wells Water Treatment Facility

New Windsor Dedicated Butterhill Wells Water Treatment Facility

New Windsor– The Town of New Windsor today hosted a dedication ceremony for the new Butterhill Wells Water Treatment Facility.

This marks the completion of a 12 year effort to identify and develop an independent water source for the Town of New Windsor.

Three new wells were drilled and constructed, along with a state of the art $31 Million water treatment facility. The new system has the ability to deliver 6.4 Million Gallons of water a day into distribution, more than double the current need of the town. The town will now be completely independent of having to purchase water from the City of New York, a significant cost saver for tax payers.


This project was executed with the assistance for the NYCDEP, who contributed over $12 Million of the project cost, to ensure New Windsor had a water supply online in time for the extended Catskill Aqueduct shutdown.

Supervisor George Green stated, “When I was elected 12 years ago I set out to develop an independent water source for our town. It is a great achievement for all residents of our town to see these new water wells come on line and be officially dedicated. Our new New Windsor water is of the highest quality and will provide for residents of the town for decades to come. I am grateful to NYCDEP for partnering with us on such an ambitious project, and all those who dedicated countless hours to successfully construct our new facility. All residents of New Windsor can be proud of what we have achieved.”
NYCDEP Commissioner Sapienza stated, “I want to thank the Town of New Windsor for being an active and diligent partner as New York City moves ahead with the largest repair projects in the history of its drinking water supply,” DEP Commissioner Vincent Sapienza said. “When DEP initiated plans nearly a decade ago to rehabilitate the Catskill Aqueduct and Delaware Aqueduct, our engineers understood that several communities in the Hudson Valley would need to develop adequate backup supplies to withstand shutdowns of our infrastructure. New Windsor has been a focused and capable partner since the beginning. I want to especially thank Supervisor George Green for his open communication, hard work, and collaboration with the City to secure this groundwater system for his town.”

Town Engineer Dick McGoey of McGoey, Hauser & Edsall stated, “Butterhill Water Supply and Well Water Project has been the long-term vision of George Green since his first term in office starting in 1988 and has now become a reality as a result of George Greens perseverance and the Town Boards positive action.”

John Egitto, town water plant operator from CAMO Pollution Control Inc. stated, “The Town of New Windsor and Camo Pollution Control Inc. have enjoyed a partnership that extends over 30 years. We are honored to be given the keys to operate this new State-of-the-Art facility. This new Plant will provide a high quality, reliable source of drinking water to the residents of the Town for many years to come. The final project has been the culmination of many years of exploration and planning, initiated by our Town Supervisor. We thank the Town for being allowed to contribute to this landmark facility, not only in Orange County, but the entire Hudson Valley Region.”

The Town regularly independently tests all new wells and they meet or exceed all water quality standards set forth by the state and federal government. The Town of New Windsor has also proactively and out of an abundance of caution tested each of the three new municipal wells for presence of PFC’s. All three production wells had no detected levels of any Perfluorinated Compounds, including those found in Washington Lake, PFOS and PFOA.

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