The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

Are You Ready to Vote

By Edie Johnson

The Orange County Board of Elections is ready for Voting Day on November 6. Election Commissioner , David Green told the Orange County Post that this process actually began last January. They pushed to have everything ready, checked and double-checked before Primary Day all of the voting machines were lined up, and with a separate large container for each municipality filled with other necessary materials was ready to be shipped to each town. Green said that there is no worry in Orange County about any kind of hacking, since they have their own server so no one outside of the building can access information in their computers. They are ready, are you? A Forum Questionnaire with answers by each candidate will tell the story of each of their core beliefs in next week’s edition. Candidates will be given a list of 5 questions that many voters seem to have high on their priority list. Their responses will be limited to a total of 300 words.
The choices, especially this year, are multilevel and especially challenging since a seat or two one way or another will determine the majority, both in Albany and in the United States Senate and Congress. Many are committed to vote for person over party, while others are determined to get their party to a majority to preserve their overall values. The choice is even more complicated by other parties like the Reform and Green parties. Voters need to consider whether their choice will pull votes from perhaps a second choice with more chance to win, or if they will stick with the candidate who best reflects their values.

Next week the Orange County Post will print the results of a Forum Questionnaire that is being sent to local candidates running for state positions

1. How can we better balance the “free” services in education and welfare to better protect the elderly and lower middle class who are leaving the state in record numbers.
2. Should health care remain a combination of private, state and federal funding, or would single payer funding be more efficient and therefore more economical?
3. How do you think local communities can balance the challenges of the growing Hasidic community and the issues it presents for maintaining the environment and rural character of our area, the different educational standards and high numbers of people on medicaid subsidies?
4. Do you approve of the S.A.F.E act and Red Flag restrictions on ownership or more freedom in gun ownership …. and why
5. Will you commit to an exceptionally vigorous effort at cross-party negotiation and open-mindedness to considering other candidate positions, with a view toward finding better middle ground?

The candidates’ responses to these questions may not only give a better understanding of their positions, they may also generate more questions and ideas that can be offered as the perspective of the public between now and election day.

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