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Mounted Officer Mary Elena Moran Captures Blue at NAPEC Police Equestrian Championships

Mounted Officer Mary Elena Moran Captures Blue at NAPEC Police Equestrian Championships

By Ede Johnson

NAPEC 2018, Police Equestrian Championships and Mary Elena Moran who rides and teaches in Goshen and other towns and events in Orange County, as well as being a mounted police officer. She competed at NAPEC Police Championships with her horse Madison earlier this month . ” This was my second year competing with Madison” she said, and the competition always shows you what work needs to be done on your horse to improve skills.” They won the LEO Expert Equitation class which she said “was a complete honor and emotional moment for me. The dressage training, search and rescue course, and obstacle workshop on Friday were very helpful and provided an excellent training day! The obstacle course was the mother of all with nail guns, jack hammers, concrete mixers, balloons popping and a myriad of other challenges beyond imagination! I couldn’t have done it without my dearest assistant and friend Elly Kowalczik who spent 5 days of her life on the road, helping care for Madison, and cheering our friends on.”
Moran specializes in retraining rescue horses to be extremely “bombproof”, and able to be used safely in Mounted Police rescues and other such assignments such as last year’s tracking down of a dangerous criminal through the Pennsylvania woods. The mounted team works on assignments in Rockland and Orange counties as well as nearby Pennsylvania when called.

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