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AuroChemicals Gives to Washingtonville Food Pantry

AuroChemicals Gives to Washingtonville Food Pantry
By Eugenia Moskowitz

The Country Kids Food Pantry in Washingtonville received a $10,000 gift from AuroChemicals, the flavor and fragrance manufacturing plant located in the village of Washingtonville. The generous gift, given on Oct. 24, was presented by company vice president and CEO Deo Persaud to John Flores, director of the food pantry.

Flores was very grateful for the donation and said the money will make it possible to offer fresh perishable food, for example eggs among other items, to the community.

“Our village is lucky to have a rapidly expanding business such as AuroChemicals that gives back to the community,” Washingtonville Mayor Joe Bucco said. “Mr. Persaud and his family had mentioned giving to the food pantry at his grand opening.” Bucco spoke highly of Persaud and the AuroChemical company, saying they are a pleasure to work with and an asset to Washingtonville’s business community.

CAPTION: Shown left to right inside AuroChemicals’ headquarters on Nicoll Street and Hallock Drive in Washingtonville are: Food Pantry director John Flores; Washingtonville Mayor Joe Bucco; AuroChemicals vice president Darshini Persaud, vice president and CEO Deo Persaud, and president Indranie Persaud; and Food Pantry vice president Valerie Palmer and treasurer Peter Brandt. (Photo provided)

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