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Midterm Elections Are Over and Local Victors Pledge Cooperation

Midterm Elections Are Over, Local Victors Pledging Cooperation

Friday’s issue of the Orange County Post will include comments from our newly elected representatives about how they see the work needed to be done in the near future. The contest was at times almost a skirmish, with accusations flying like mud pies and claims from some candidates calling their opponents “Liars”.  After months of ‘tussling’ both winners and losers showed their more gracious side. Because of the much larger turnout than usual for a Midterm election, some polling places had long lines. But most voters were patient about a bit of a wait.  Others complained throughout the evening on social media that they did not receive an “I Voted” sticker.

At the end of the long night of vote tallying, Assemblyman James Skoufis became Senator Elect for District 39, New Windsor’s Chief of Staff, Colin Schmidt an Assemblyman Elect for District 99, Jonathan Jacobson an Assemblyman Elect for District 104 and Sean Patrick Maloney will continue to represent Congressional District 18. Torrence Harvey will continue his seat as Mayor of the City of Newburgh, a seat he was appointed to following the death of Mayor Judy Kennedy.

Now that the contest is over, the newly elected are already making plans for work to be done in the coming year. Check Friday’s issue of the Orange County Post to see what they have to say.

Torrence Harvey – Mayor of the City of Newburgh –  3,458
Gaye Lee 492

Sean Patrick Maloney (D) – Congressional Seat 18 – 118,772
James O’Donnell (D) – 98,416

James Skoufis (D) – State Senate District 39 – 35,790
Tom Basile (R) – 29,459

Jen Metzger (D) – State Senate District 42 – 47,802
Ann Rabbitt (R) –  45,421

Colin Schmitt (R)- Assembly District 99 23,786
Matthew Rettig (D) 20,889

Jonathan Jacobson (D) – Assembly District 104 20,293
Scott Manley (R)  13,578

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