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Blooming Grove Going Green on Road Salt. Town Considers Property Purchase

Blooming Grove Going Green on Road Salt
Town Considers Purchase of Property Adjacent to Highway Department

By Edie Johnson

With well issues for the town costing thousands of dollars because of sodium chloride infiltration, the Town of Blooming Grove has been looking for solutions to salt runoff from Route 94. Highway Superintendent Wayne Kirkpatrick gave a presentation to the town board and residents of an ice melting product that is gaining increased popularity. Kirkpatrick said that “Ice B’Gone Magic”, commonly known as IBG, has been used by landscapers for years. Some towns, including Boston, along the New England corridor where ice is a serious issue have already used it successfully for years, but there has never been sufficient supply to be available in large supply in this area. At a performing temperature that goes down to -45 F, the product is sprayed onto the standard rock salt that the highway department already uses. The product delays the salt from melting as fast, thus making it act successfully for a longer time. Because of its heavier weight it also bounces off the road less, and is less likely to fall into drainage ditches, be wasted, and cause problems with salt in water supplies. Additionally it will save on sand because of its increased efficacy. The vendor for the town will charge $6,200 for a first run while the town gets a chance to determine its success. The tank holds 4,500 gallons of the product at $1.35 per gallon, so this first test run will cost $6,075 total. The best part of the product is that it is biodegradeable. Made of molasses and distillery product, Kirkpatrick said “It’s so safe that you could drink it”.

Property adjacent to the Highway Department on Route 94 has been put up for sale. With issues because the highway department activities have already encroached on the property, being essentially out of space and sitting on a long flag lot, the town is considering buying the adjacent 9.3-acre lot. Supervisor Rob Jeroloman said there is a title search already under way, and the property will be purchased for $178,000 out of the town’s A-Fund reserves if no problems emerge after a closer engineering look, and confirmation that had been no dumping on the property in the past. The property is being sold as an estate settlement. Wayne Kirkpatrick added that if it were sold for development there would likely be complaints because of the adjacent highway department activities. Councilman Tom DeVinko recommended that in addition to videos that will be made available for the public to see how it works, the information could be posted on Facebook. Kirkpatrick added that if anyone wants to see how it is used they are welcome to call and make an appointment and watch it being sprayed onto their stockpile.

In Other Business:
New York Rising funds will be used for removal of the dam at Mays Field. Bids were expected to be sought beginning this week.
Storms that hit the area last week caused some local flooding, lots of the beautiful Fall leaves flying in the wind, and had the Lake Hildegard Dam looking more like Niagara Falls.  Last week neighbors in the area of the Lake have noticed that one of the cygnets born last Spring is severely injured.  They are trying to get permission to access a part of the property surrounding the lake to try to capture him for veterinary assistance.  With apparent injuries to an eye and his neck he will not likely survive without veterinary care.  The other cygnets and mom swan are doing fine, but the male grown swan was killed by an automobile midsummer while crossing the Prospect Road.

Storm Lake Hildegard

Boats and benches were splashed with water along the edges of Lake Merriwold last weekend during the storms.  But Wayne Kirkpatrick noted that the drainage work that has been done this year was by and large very successful, with areas that have traditionally flooded showing the water receding within about 4 hours. It also put some delay in the work being done along Route 208 in Blooming Grove, but drivers were glad to have the road reopened all the way to Washingtonville after closure for repairs. Plans to redo the Clove Road/208 Intersection have been scrapped because the predicted costs fell short by 3 times the amount that would have been covered by state funding.

The Town is holding Electronics Recycling this Saturday from 8-2 at the Highway Garage, 2741 Route 94. Items accepted by residents include TV, cell phones, microwaves, cords, computers, printers and small items with freon. Depending on the size and amount there may be a minimal charge for freon removal.

See this week’s Orange County Post for more great stories and photos.

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