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Support Our Heroes Foundation Needs Your Help


Lucy Mercado began the “Support Our Heroes Foundation when her son Luis was sent to Iraq in 2004. When she sent care packages for him she learned that there were many soldiers who either had no family to send them packages, or were too poor. She felt it was not right that some of our brave men and women overseas who were fighting for our freedom received nothing. Lucy said ” My son’s platoon consisted of over 300 men and women. When he saw that there were some soldiers who received nothing, he asked me for extra packages to distribute within his platoon. It was very costly to send items for so many people. That was when I decided to open the foundation and ask help from my family, friends and neighbors. I adopted 2-3 platoons at a time, and when 1 platoon returns I adopt another. I send much needed items throughout their whole tour. Recently last June I adopted 2 platoons from my home town New Windsor. Both of these platoons lost men due to explosions a month after being in Afghanistan. Some in our community assume that we no longer have military personnel overseas. It’s really a shame that I have to remind everyone every year that our military needs our support and to know that they are definitely not forgotten. No one will ever understand the pain or worrying a parent or spouse goes through, unless you yourself have a loved one in the front lines fighting at a war. Fourteen years later I didn’t think that I would still be mailing packages to our troops, but sadly that is the case. I need help from our community, whether they are items, monetary donations, and/or stamps. Any donations will be greatly appreciated, no donation is too small. Items needed at the present time are, snacks, energy drinks and bars, toothbrushes, toothpaste, handwarmers and much more. If you prefer to make a Monetary donation please make checks out to Support Our Heroes and can be mailed to c/o Lucy Mercado, 18 Windsor Square Drive New Windsor, NY 12553. My email supportheroes@aol.coms

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