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Senator Schumer and NW Supervisor George Green to CSX “Keep Your Promises”


Senator Chuck Schumer and New Windsor Supervisor George Green Taking CSX Railroad To Task

By Edie Johnson

New Windsor had a very prestigious visitor this week when Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke at Town Hall and again at the Union Ave. Railroad Crossing which is so pitted and uneven that more than 25 accidents and countless blown out tires and damaged vehicle front ends have been reported. Numerous meetings with the railroad officials have led to promises and again more promises, but the officials charge that to date nothing significant has been done to correct the costly and dangerous situation. The problem affects both Temple Hill and Union Avenue Crossings. Way back in 2013, Schumer said, CSX came and made very minor repairs, acknowledging that they were temporary and promising a more permanent fix. The crossing at Temple Hill and Route 300 is the most used road in the county. In addition, there are crossings that were declared out of use that could be cemented over.

CSX again sat down with New Windsor officials last January and promised REAL repairs by Spring. Schumer said “The robins came, Spring was here, but no CSX. Since then there have been 25 new accidents, fortunately non-life threatening.” Schumer added “This is not an overly expensive project, especially for a company as profitable as them. It would probably run in the ‘low hundreds of thousands of dollars’.”

Assemblyman-elect Colin Schmitt (who has been New Windsor’s Chief of Staff over the past year) added “By failing in these efforts across all levels of government, CSX has failed to be a good neighbor. This is only going to get worse, especially with winter weather and snow coming.”

What’s to be done? Senator Schumer, as a powerful representative in the highest levels of government has a significant hold on purse strings and decisions about regulations for companies like CSX. He gave a clear warning that “This has been a problem for too many years. We’re DONE! The time for promises is over. Now it is time for legal letters. And if this company wants me as an ally in Washington, we had better see action.”

Schumer and George Green


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