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Schmitt Appointed to Key Assembly Position in Albany

Schmitt Appointed to Key Assembly Position in Albany

Assemblyman-Elect Colin Schmitt of New Windsor has been appointed ranking Republican member of Assembly Local Governments Committee.  He has also been  named as a member of Banks, Labor, Housing and Tourism, Parks, Art and Sports Development Committees. This critical posting puts Assemblyman-elect Schmitt as the lead Republican on what is possibly the most important bipartisan standing committee in the state legislature.

The Assembly Standing Committee on Local Governments “considers the legislative needs of New York State’s local governments, including counties, cities, towns, villages, school districts, fire districts, and various other special districts and local agencies. The Committee monitors the needs of local governments and strives to develop legislative remedies to meet those needs. The Committee also explores new proposals and ideas that will enable local governments to better serve the citizens of New York State.”

Assemblyman-elect Colin Schmitt stated, “I am grateful for being appointed as the ranking Republican member of the Local Governments committee. This committee has far reaching responsibilities that impact every level of government across the state. I had requested this committee due to my experience working in local government and for the committees ability to focus on bipartisan solutions for communities across the state. This significant appointment will enhance my ability to deliver results for the 99th Assembly District and I am excited for that opportunity for my district.”

Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus stated, “Colin will do a great job Ranking Member of the State Assembly Local Government Committee. New York State is filled with unfunded and burdensome mandates which are costly to property taxpayers. I know Colin can articulate our position to reduce and eliminate mandates to make life more affordable for all New Yorkers.”

Washingtonville Mayor Joe Bucco stated, “Colin Schmitt earning the appointment as Ranking Member of the Local Governments Committee is great news for Washingtonville and all levels of local government in the 99th District. Colin will be the go to guy for our district when it comes to the many pressing concerns local governments face that impact local residents and taxpayers. Colin’s impact for all residents of the district will be greatly magnified now in positive fashion.


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