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St. Mary’s Back to Back Basketball

St. Mary’s Back to Back Basketball

St. Mary’s Boys 8th Grade BB – On Sunday, January 6th, two 8th grade travel basketball games were to be held inside of St. Mary’s CYO, in Washingtonville. The first game featured St. Mary’s boys  8th grade travel team taking on neighboring St. Joseph’s. From the very start it was an intense game and they wasted no time getting to it. The first two baskets were scored by St. Mary’s. Despite each team initially finding difficulties in overcoming the opposing team’s defense, there was a barrage of shots lobbed. As the game progressed, players grew more confident and both the plays and picks improved. The game concluded with St. Joseph coming out on top, 41-22

cyo boys' bb 1

St. Mary’s Girls 8th Grade BB – Despite the hail falling outside, the heat was on inside for the 8th grade girls travel basketball match between St. Mary’s and St. Patrick’s. St. Patrick’s quickly took an early lead, and held onto it tightly throughout the rest of the match. The end of the first period featured St. Patrick’s winning 15-2. St. Mary’s took a bit longer to get into a functioning groove, scoring no points in the third period. Ultimately St. Patrick’s triumphed over St. Mary’s 40-13.

st. mary's vs st. patrick's cyo travel game

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Story and pictures by James McVey


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