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Cornwall Reviews 2019 Comprehensive Plan

Cornwall Reviews 2019 Comprehensive Plan

By James McVey

Public Input Encouraged During  Two-Hour Review

Tuesday January 15 there was a meeting at the Cornwall Town Hall to review the 2019 comprehensive plan. The review covered the entire 71 page comprehensive plan which was broken into 11 different sections including: Main Street Revitalization, Land Use Plan, Sustainability, Natural Resources and Environmental Preservation. The goal of the committee that put together the comprehensive plan draft for the Town Board was to make it user friendly and easy to read. Suggestions that were tossed out included removing language such as: “develop”, “implement”, or “install”, and replace them with more inviting words,  more akin to, “consider”, “explore”, or “evaluate”. Other suggestions included not appointing groups other than the Town Board of Cornwall to a position where they would have a final say in a matter. The Town Board recognizes that there are many groups and committees that exist in Cornwall that contain vast reservoirs of information in specialized areas, which will all be utilized when necessary. A young man advocated for the disabled by suggesting that the town of Cornwall cut some curbs to increase accessibility for all peoples. The entire comprehensive plan as well as information about upcoming meetings can be found on the town website at


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