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HVSPCA In Desperate Need of Help – Over 60 Hoarded Dogs Brought In


At Least Sixty Rescue Puppies and Adult Dogs Brought to New Windsor SPCA

By Edie Johnson

The Hudson Valley SPCA located in New Windsor has been inundated with rescue dogs from two separate hoarding situations found in Orange County this month.  Despite the generous offerings of many citizens in the area, they are in serious need of supplies, monetary donations to cover dog food, veterinary care for shots, neutering and other necessary treatments.  Over the last two weeks the shelter took in over 40 dogs, large medium and tiny, along with two litters just born.
Another 7 needing special care went out for temporary foster care.

As we go to press, Matt Hughes, who heads the team of volunteers needed to feed, walk, socialize and clean up after them, learned that yet another hoarding situation had been discovered and with the legal process to seize the animals complete, HVSPCA will be receiving another 20-25 dogs within the next 24 hours.  Matt said that these additional animals in need of special care will bring their total to about 60-65 dogs, possibly the most they have ever had to take care of.

While the steady stream of volunteers and adopters that showed up today to help fill the need was truly heartwarming,  the need of additional assistance to care for them is great.

Most of the initial 40 hoard victims came from a horrific situation discovered 2 weeks ago in Pine Bush.  It has not yet been announced where the 20-25 that will be delivered TODAY are coming from.


On Thursday afternoon the very careful adoption processing was completed for about 5 of the Pine Bush rescues.  That leaves  at least 60 dogs to go, along with all of the supplies, veterinary care and food they will need to be healthy and adoptable in the coming weeks.

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