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Wizards Waver Against Goldbacks and Their Tenacious Defense Story and pictures by James McVey

Wizards Waver Against Goldbacks and Their tenacious D
Story and pictures by James McVey

Wednesday evening, January 16, 2019, inside the Newburgh Free Academy gymnasium was the setting for the boys varsity basketball matchup between the hometown Goldbacks and the visiting Washingtonville Wizards. The Goldbacks defended against the Wizards’ assault acting fast to take an early lead and establish breathing room. This gap allowed the Goldbacks to stay calm and collected, rarely missing passes and with each player synchronously moving in patterns to establish space. At halftime the Goldbacks led the Wizards 32-14.

goldbacks cheer while wizards prepare a defense (5)

The Newburgh Free Academy step and hiphop team then took the court and put on a dazzling performance that featured multiple genres of music and numerous daunting dance moves. Each team spent this time in a tight huddle planning for the second half of the game.

wizard halftime huddle' (3)

The wizards had ground to make up. The third period was the closest in performance with the Goldbacks scoring 14 points and the Wizards scoring 11 putting them at 46 and 25, respectively. With mounting pressure propelling the Wizards into the 4th quarter, they were forced to take risks and the Goldbacks controlled the rebounds. The Goldbacks really came to a groove in the 4th quarter which was evident in the final outcome; Goldbacks win over Wizards 62-34.

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