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Update On New Windsor HVSPCA Animal Abuse Charges & Controversy Over New Proposed State Law

Update On New Windsor HVSPCA Animal Abuse Charges &
Controversy Over New Proposed State Law

By Edie Johnson

HVSPCA Director Gene Hecht confirmed that charges that will be included in the arraignment of Carrie Jean Sabins of Toleman Road will include 36 counts of animal cruelty involving 90 animals which it is alleged were deprived of sufficient food, water and shelter.  Hecht added that the zoning on the site is not for farming.  The Orange County Post has additionally learned of allegations that she bought stock at animal auctions in Pennsylvania, with unknown histories, and then resold them locally as farm-raised,  free range, and antibiotic free.

With respect to some questions we have received about how donations to the SPCA are being spent, he said that with the more than 60 dogs they have received in the past weeks,  necessary veterinary care bills for sickly and underweight dogs at the facility have mounted, resulting in an existing bill at Hamptonburgh Animal Hospital of approximately $15,000.   Donations of money as well as dog food, blankets will continue to be appreciated, especially as he is pursuing another case that includes 16 additional dogs.

New Law Presented at NYS Assembly Is Controversial

These cases bring up additional moral and legal questions that the public will debate in coming months, along with a proposal that many vehemently disagree with.  A bill that has been presented in New York State Assembly carries restrictions that go far beyond what most animal owners consider reasonable care.  Clear abuse, they say, is one thing, but this new bill includes what they say are restrictions such as “the ability of animals to escape from their crates or enclosures in the event of an emergency”, and crates and pens for dogs and horses that are so large that they are not only unrealistic, they defeat their purpose of a place to rest and be safe. The bill in New York state that would also make it illegal to tie, tether, restrain, cage or pen a working or non-working animal between the hours of 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.”  Crating a puppy overnight would also be illegal.

Most animal advocates in Orange County that have weighed in on the proposal say they are relieved that it has apparently been before their representatives in Albany without any action, but they also voiced concern about apparent lack of knowledge of reasonable and caring treatment methods.

You can read the full text of the bill here:


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