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Blooming Grove Volunteer Ambulance Corps Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Blooming Grove Volunteer Ambulance Corps Celebrates 60th Anniversary

By Eugenia Moskowitz

The Blooming Grove Ambulance held its annual awards banquet at the Mountainville Manor in New Windsor on Feb. 2. Celebrated were outstanding responders and members of 2018, as well as this year’s board.

The ambulance corps has four full-time paramedics, two full-time EMTs, 12 per diem paramedics, and seven per diem EMTs. In addition, several volunteers serve the community. Of the 1,723 calls the ambulance fielded this past year, the three top volunteer responders were Dave Moskowitz (215 calls), Doug Mitchell (201 calls), and Kathy Morgan (191 calls). Other top volunteer responders were Sal Mancuso, John Hastings, Dawn Salka, Oscar Gonzalez-Belinki, Kevin Auguste, Jazerah Valdes, Danielle Poganik, and Daisy Wist.

Gil Davidson was especially honored by serving 34 years and handling 3,199 career calls. Many members were honored with certificates from the corps, town, and county, including from James Skoufis’ office. Skoufis was present, as was Katie Bonelli, Kathy Calhoun Stegenga, Town of Blooming Grove Supervisor Rob Jeroloman, and Washingtoville Mayor Joe Bucco.

CAPTION 1: Blooming Grove Ambulance top volunteer responders were honored. (Photo above)

CAPTION 2: Chief of Operations Brian Bates enjoyed the evening with his wife Amanda.
ambulance 2

CAPTION 3: Three young Blooming Grove Ambulance volunteer members recently graduated as EMTs: Kevin Auguste (left), Jared Keene (second from left), and John Hastings (right) are pictured with Dave Moskowitz at the Emergency Management Office in Goshen after their graduation ceremony two weeks ago.

ambulance 3

Caption 4: Dawn Salka and Chris Sommers were joined by Senator James Skoufis

Dawn Salka Chris Sommers Sr, James Skoufis Mountainville Manor

Caption 3: Local Officials attended and gave speeches to the honorees. (left to right: Legislator Kathy Stegenga and John Stegenga, Blooming Grove Supervisor Rob Jeroloman, Legislator Katie Bonelli, Washingtonville Mayor Joe Bucco, Blooming Grove Councilman George Doering).








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