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Lady Wizards Make History: Washingtonville High School’s First Dance Team

Lady Wizards Make History:

Washingtonville High School’s First Dance Team

By Eugenia Moskowitz

A group of young women is making history as the first ever Lady Wizard Dance Team at Washingtonville High School, run by eighth grade history teacher Rebecca Wetzel along with local choreographer-coaches Shayla Doherty, Jackie Knight, and Cyara Clavell.

Wetzel, Knight, and Clavell were all part of their own high school dance teams and felt that Washingtonville High School should have one, to show the community what talent, strength, and showmanship its students have. “There are so many dancers in Washingtonville that dance year round,” one mom said. “They put so much hard work and dedication into their work but never get recognized by the school community the way those in school sports do. Having a team makes them more of a natural and integral part of the fabric of our community, and opens up the world of dance to more children through its visibility.”

To start a sport at the high school, first it has to be a club. After a period of viability, the board of education can then choose to vote it a sport. At that point, the team can then start competing against other high school dance teams. Thus far, the board has been supportive in giving the team the opportunity to showcase the talent and skills they have in a discipline that marries physical athleticism with artistic expression. “It is so important for these dancers, and future generations of dancers, that dance is recognized in their school,” another mom said. “We are very proud of them both for what they are doing for themselves, as well as for what they are ushering in for students to come.”

CAPTION: Dancers Adrianna Picone, Delisa Harper, Taylor Tuttle, Alondra Rosa, Gabby Huertas, Samantha Soehnlein, Olivia OHara, Sara Donlan, and Angelica Zawislak (not pictured: Alyssa Ryan and Becca Buxton) made history as the first ever dance team at Washingtonville High School. (Photo provided)

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