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Deployed Orange County Soldiers Need Supplies/County Exec Calls For Collections


Out in the desert  there are no showers, no toilets, and often no running water.  County Executive, Steve Neuhaus shared an online video this week asking area residents to contribute some vital items, items that could make those risking their lives to protect us some added protection for their own health and safety, and give some degree of comfort for these approximately 200 servicemen from Orange County that are at harm’s way half a world away.  On the top of the list are baby wipes, which are often the only way they have to  take care of some of their cleanliness needs.  The desert winds throw sand in their eyes, and Neuhaus, who is also there as part of Navy Reserves Deployment, said that eye drops are therefore a very high priority on the list of items that the soldiers request.  Sunscreen is another top request that can protect them from serious burns.

A more complete list includes items such as drinks  such as Gatorade that can be mixed with water and help keep them hydrated.  Other hygiene items include foot sprays, deodorant, hand sanitizer, lip balm, disposable razors, Q-tips, travel size shampoo and hair conditioner, and tooth paste.  Snack foods are greatly appreciated including energy bars, nuts and seeds, cookies, ,gum, hard candies, dried fruit and crackers (no chocolate since it has the potential to melt).

Other items requested include small bibles (from whatever religion desired), rosary beads, greeting cards, playing cards to pass the long nights,  and of course “Thank you for your service” notes.

These items can be dropped off at the Orange County Office of Veterans Affairs, 111 Craigville Rd., Goshen.   Items may also be dropped off at the Orange County Post office at 36 Merline Ave., New Windsor.  We will bring them to the Goshen Veteran Offices.

Neuhaus did not say where all or most of these Orange County soldiers are deployed, but we can gather from the rather urgent requests for sunscreen, lip balm and eye drops to protect against sand that they may be stationed in the Near East where they would definitely be in harm’s way.

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