The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

Winter Gives Region An Icy Punch


Area residents got a little bit of everything in the way of stormy weather this week, ending in a dangerous blast. Temperatures fluctuated  wildly from 40’s  and near 50’s to near zero all week,  along with bitter wind chills. Some snow that was expected on Monday never materialized.  But Tuesday evening made up for it with about 3-4 inches of fluffy white coming in from the East in what appeared to be “wraparound snow” that came overhead and up the coast and then inland about a half-day after expected.   The snow was followed in most instances by an hour or two of cold rain that turned to sleet and back to snow around midnight, resulting in nearly an inch of shiny crusty white over the softer snow in most areas, but a sheet of glassy ice in areas that had been cleared earlier.  Road crews were out  early doing pre-treating and then plowing much of the night and again plowing and salting after the ice event .  The mixture left glistening snow around country homes on Wednesday evening looking like beautiful country scenes in a snow globe.

Caption: Young  Elizabeth is trying her hand at some shoveling of the snow on Main Street in Washingtonville.

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