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Dragons Slay Panthers On Senior Night

Dragons Slay Panthers On Senior Night

By James McVey

On Tuesday February 19,  the Cornwall Dragons hosted the Monticello Panthers while also celebrating senior night. Cornwall Dragons’ seniors were called to center court, striding out one at a time, escorted by family and loved ones. The stands were packed with spectators, especially the seating section set aside for Cornwall seniors. The game began with the Dragons tipping the ball back and effectively gaining the first possession. Kyle Skivington (#13) of Cornwall sank his first shot giving Cornwall an initial 2-0 lead. The dragons maintained possession of the ball for majority of the first period. Kyle scored again soon after, and Monticello immediately retaliated with Josh Gattling (#4) driving the ball down court and sinking a shot. With 4 minutes left in the period the Panthers’ Jordan Ruggiero (#5) sank two free throws seamlessly. With one second left in the first period, there was a half court long pass to the Dragons’ Will Fredericks (#20) who immediately turned and sank an impressive 3 pointer, placing the Cornwall Dragons in the lead over the Monticello Panthers 15-8.

The second period began with Dragon Luis Ortiz (#10) hitting a 3 pointer. The panthers retailed with Josh Gattling (#4) doing the same in return. For the dragons, KyleSkivington scored twice, #3 scored once, and Jayden Ludlow scored the last 2 points of the first half. The Cornwall Dragons lead expanded to 31-17

The third period was the only period in which the Monticello Panthers scored first, with Alonzo Sergis (#3) sinking a shot from outside. Cornwall dominated during this period, scoring a total of 28 points. Will Fredericks (#20)was a major contributer, hitting 3 shots, 2 free throws, and 1 three pointer. Kyle Skivington (#13) juked the panthers left and right, scoring three times for the dragons. The period ended with another Dragon buzzer beater, this time by #5. Cornwall lead Monticello 59-32 heading into the last period.

The final period began with Dragon Luis Ortiz sinking a 3 from up top. With just 3 minutes and 30 seconds left, Monticello gained possession and began a scoring frenzy, trying to recover lost ground. Panther Josh Gattling (#4) started the streak, followed by Dawshawn York (#35) and then Jordan Ruggiero (#5) scoring three in a row. They then sank two free throws hitting nothing but net. Unfortunately for the panthers, this spark came to late in the game. The game ended with one last basket from Dragon Lawrence Jean Charles (#31) with the final score 72-48, Dragons over Panthers.


Cornwall 2

It was a great night for Cornwall, winning their last home game of the year. The seniors’ mothers received flowers and gift bags, and their peers went wild, while ending their season on a high note in an impressive game.

(Photos by James McVey)



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