The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

NFA Performs at Washington’s Headquarters

NFA Performs at Washington’s Headquarters

Dressed in colonial garb of the time, Newburgh Free Academy Students performed  The Washington Project: History Comes Alive! as asp part of the Washington’s Headquarters Presidents’ Day program. The performances included  individually created theatrical and musical performance pieces and interpretations of historic events that took place while General Washington was headquartered in Newburgh

Students from Mrs. Fay Gerbes Pacht’s Acting I classes have had several sessions with historians in their classes held in the Black Box Theatre a NFA Main Campus and at Washington’s Headquarters. During those lessons, the learned all about four major events that happened at the historical site: The Newburgh Conspiracy, The Nicola Letter, The Badge of Military Merit, and the Circular Letter. The students dramatized these moments, using playwriting, song, and dance to create four short plays that were performed on Saturday through Monday, February 16, 17, and 18 at 3pm each day. The students from Mrs. Pacht’sTechnical Theatre class also designed and created the backdrops for their performances.

NFA Presidents Day

Historians from parks department  included: Christopher Doerrer, Lynette Scherer, Karen Monti, and Matthew O’Leary. Costumes were borrowed from the Living History Education Foundation in Buchanan. Local playwriter, Mr. Brian Petti provided critiques on the script and performance leading up to the weekend which was a collaborative effort by NECSD,  Safe Harbors of the Hudson, and Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site. Funding for The Washington Project: History Comes Alive! was provided through the New York State Connect Kids to Parks initiative, a program of New York State Parks and the Environmental Protection Fund.


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