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St. Luke’s Kicks Off $8M Expansion

Expansion of Emergency Room Geared To Provide Better Community-Oriented Care

By Edie Johnson

Newburgh – With sledgehammers and smiles – CEO hospital President Joan Cusack McGuirk along with fundraisers, trustees, and doctors began the symbolic “wallbreaking” to the new Kaplan Family Center for Emergency Medicine.  In the hope of fulfilling hospital’s goals for more community-oriented care, the expansion will offer a 10-bed section for patients not so sick or injured that they require extended hospital stay, but rather a shorter time of careful observation. Along with an extended triage area, and an ambulance bay,  an MRI unit  will  provide test results without the need for patient transfer out of the Emergency Room area. This fits nicely into their long term goals of shorter stays and more health-oriented  approaches that are proven to improve patient outcomes.

SLCH Joan Podium for inside color

McGuirk said that positive patient reviews have already risen dramatically as a result of related program improvements. She added that “This has been a heavy lift, and could not have been achieved without the support of the Kaplan Family, former Senator Bill Larkin, Chairman of the Board David Potak, Holt Engineering and many others. and including the hospital’s hardworking staff.”  St. Luke’s is qualified as a Level 3 Trauma Center where 45,000 patients are cared for annually. The hospital officially joined the Montefiore Health System in January of 2018.

ZKaplan center group with Larkin

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