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BUCCO WINS SECOND TERM Exploring Village Policy Changes


Exploring Village Policy Changes

With no challengers and villagers generally happy with the status quo, Village of Washingtonville Mayor, Joe Bucco won all but 4 write-in votes in  an election with low turnout as most villagers remain happy with  the village’s relative prosperity, successful business growth,  Washingtonville Events Committee,  parks development and school safety.  Deputy Mayor Paul Lang and Trustee Rich Calore likewise benefited  by a clean sweep other than a few write-in votes (one that was said to be for Bernie Sanders)

Calore, Bucco, Lang SMALL at end of cover

Bucco is continuing ongoing discussions with Assemblyman Colin Schmitt to call out youth vaping which Bucco says is increasing daily. They hope to begin educational sessions about its potential pitfalls.  Additional school security measures have improved resident confidence about safety in the village’s schools, and a much needed  new sewer plant is nearing completion.

Meetings with surrounding municipalities have spurred ongoing efforts by its Albany representatives Schmitt and Senator James Skoufis aimed at crafting tighter legislation about creation of new villages, as the nearby Town of Palm Tree seeks to create a “Seven Springs” village a few miles away, an issue of importance to all local municipalities. With Schmitt’s proposed legislation, the minimum resident petition requirement to start a village would increase from 500  to 2,000 residents, and all qualified voters in the town where the land is coming from would be eligible to vote on the referendum.  Thus an entire town would deal with the consequences, negative or positive, from the creation of a proposed new municipality.

Captions:  Mayor Joe Bucco with Assemblyman Colin Schmitt (Photo provided)

Trustee Rich Calore, Mayor Joe Bucco, Deputy Mayor Paul Lang (Photo by Rich Calore Jr.)

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