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Getting Out The Vote, Electronically


Get out the vote better

Over 100 supporters showed up last Friday at the City Hall in Newburgh where about 100 supporters of Early and Digital Voting, gathered to push for passage in Albany that could have it implemented by this year’s November elections. Placards, including one that said “Democracy Requires Secure Accessible Voting”, and “Get Out The Vote” filled the room, with speakers advocating early voting will be beneficial to those who are homebound, those who happen to experience emergencies on voting day, those in remote rural communities, those impacted by faulty voting machines, and those who work full-time and sometimes two jobs or work at a far distance, those who are full-time caregivers, and those who run into transportation problems on voting day and through no fault or ambivalence may not make it to the polls.

Voting green sign

Electronic ballots, they propose, would greatly reduce error throughout the voting system, and would improve efficiency. In the long run, by lowering the necessity of monitoring staff it would save money. However, the new electronic ballots, additional staff and their training would cost Orange County about $1.3 Million.
Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson led the meeting, flanked by City of Newburgh Mayor Torrence Harvey, Senator James Skoufis, Assemblyman Kevindaryan Lujan and Chairpersons of Boards of Election from Orange County and Ulster Counties.

Assemblyman Jacobson (D-Newburgh) has been named as chair of the Election Day Operations and Voter Disenfranchisement subcommittee.“I am excited to be named as chair of this important subcommittee”, said Jacobson. “I appreciate the Speaker’s recognition of my background and experience in election law matters. We passed significant voter reforms, including early voting, this past January. Early voting will take place for the first time this November. It is this subcommittee’s job to help make sure that early voting is implemented smoothly. I will be working with the State and County Boards of Elections and voting advocates to review the process and recommend improvements both before and after November.“Voting should be simple and easy. That will always be our goal,” concluded Jacobson.



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